About Us

The ElectroGear brand, powered by Healables is quarterbacked by our drug-free wearable that speeds up the body's own recovery process.  With ElectroGear, Athletes recover faster & get back in the game faster.

The synergy of electron stream therapy and our AI app help the athlete prevent serious setbacks, accelerate recovery and achieve optimal performance. 

An application that connects your electrogear device with your phone. With ElectroGear, athletes recover faster and get back in the game faste performance.


FINALLY — Wearable technology for accelerating recovery 

HEALABLES DIGITAL HEALTH optimizes the hardware and software of the human being, with a single platform technology that treats the mind and the body.

Healables empowers the patient and athlete alike.  Our e-textiles are smart garments that make it possible for the user to take sessions on-the-go, at home, on any schedule, day or night.