Sports Tech & Smart Garments

The synergy of electron stream therapy and our AI App, a personalized wellness system, helps the athlete prevent serious injury, accelerate recovery and achieve optimal performance!

ElectroGear empowers the patient and athlete alike.  Our treatment is usable — and entirely accessible — because it's wearable. Our e-textiles are smart garments that make it possible for the user to take treatments on-the-go, at home, on any schedule, day or night.

About Our Technology


ElectroGear accelerates your body's own recovery process. This gets you back in the game, back on the roster, and performing months before you'd expected otherwise.

​Recovery used to mean an appointment in the practioner's office and taking time out from your busy schedule. But with ElectroGear, the device fits under your clothing - wherever you are, to use any time!


ElectroGear's device docks with our smart performance clothing — a knitted weave of supple conductive yarns.  Shaped, tapered and contoured to fit the body, our smart performance undergarments fit comfortably under your outer clothing.


Since it's a wearable, players and athletes can recover on the go. They can program the device for any time of day/night. Players can finally get the recovery they need, without office scheduling, travel time, or the resulting stress of appointments.

Full contact without sticky electrodes — the conductive yarns provide 100% contact with the skin for the duration of the use.


Recovery of minor pain or of a micro injury is the key to career longevity for athletes. Recovering from minor injuries keeps the player physically balanced, and avoids the need to overcompensate by shifting his weight, adjusting his technique, or making unpracticed moves which increase the chance of major injury.

*Note on Pre-Order Sales

We are currently accepting a limited number of Pre-Order Sales for our products at a highly discounted price! This allows you to get this limited edition product as one of the 1st 1000 customers.

We expect shipping in 6 months, but cannot guarantee this date.